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Praise for Cameron Strife and “Expressions”

“Cameron Strife combines prolific writing skills, formidable production technique and passionate guitar playing in his latest CD, “Expressions”. The result is an exceptionally entertaining album, worthy of radio airplay on a variety of formats. Pick this one up. You will not be disappointed.”

Joe Ferry, Grammy Nominated Record Producer.

New York, USA

“A good debut CD by a unique individual. Cameron will go on to do great things, this CD is the first step in his journey…”

Bumblefoot – Guitarist for Guns N Roses

New Jersey, USA

“Expressions is a widely varied album, both in styles and moods. From slower, relaxed numbers to faster, energetic rockers. If you like instrumental guitar music, you’ll surely enjoy Expressions!”

John Lee

Kent, England

“Sit back..and relax as these tunes take over your emotions. Hats off to this artist for an excellent display of talent and feel for his music and his message.”


Florida, USA

“I was blown away by all the talent exhibited by Cameron on this fabulous recording. His guitar playing at times reminds me of Jeff Beck and the recording is impeccable. Highly recommended!”


New York, USA

“Expressions is really good and showcases a large variety of music; from rock to Latin etc. On this album there is a song for everyone. The guitar work is really good with nice solos which show how good of a musician Cameron is. Especially the song called “Into the darkness”. Get it as soon as possible otherwise you will miss out!”

Nikos Demetriou


“Cameron’s work is fantastic. This album is a high quality original, full of energy and love for music!”


Connecticut, USA

“These compositions are entertaining and are filled with emotion. A few tracks stand out as extra special…”


New York, USA

“My favorite tracks are #5 and #13. But I also have found it a good soundtrack to have on when driving or entertaining. For an intro solo effort I rate this album highly. I can’t explain it but the tracks seem to flow into one ‘work’ and it is best in its entirety…. Sort of reminiscent of some of the albums in the ’70s.”


New York, USA

“I really enjoyed listening to your stuff because the guitar playing is obviously competant but the stylings are also unique and I really like listening to them. the songwriting is clean and uncluttered which is refreshing, to me. I also enjoy your voice lots; I first heard you sing when performing with Brandon Vetrano a few months ago and I was QUITE impressed!”


New York, USA

“Cameron demonstrates his guitar prowess on this debut CD. With such versatile cuts as Into the Darkness, The Ocean and Lost in Spain, we get a flavor of the diversity and complexity that is Cameron Strife!. From the bluesy tinged Strip Tease to the lush layered guitar work of The Ocean, Cameron demonstrates his wide range of styles. At times this CD is reminiscent of Eddie Van Halen and at others Clapton and Page. If you like instrumental music, that covers the great music expanse of emotions, this CD is for you!”


New York, USA

“Expressions covers blues, rock, contemporary and new age. You could not ask for any more or any better! Cameron’s music is versatile and has vestige of many other artists I admire. Hope to hear more and continued music from this great and innovative artist!”


New York, USA

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